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Our services cover both new facilities and the upgrade and enhancement of existing facilities. We cover the full project lifecycle from preliminary studies, design, construction, commissioning, start-up, to operational and maintenance integration. We specialise in innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions to resolve our clients’ problems with added value.

Apart from our traditional services, we also offer flow Assurance solutions. O & G Solutions flow assurance business is run as an independent service unit in partnership with PMAC Service Ltd Aberdeen - our strategic cooperation partner.

Our flow assurance services include:

o Pipeline commissioning
o Pipeline cleaning (pigging, de-scaling, de-waxing and de-sanding)
o Pumping Services
o Sand Monitoring Systems
o Cathodic Protection System Design
o Digitized CP Survey System
o CP Inspection Services

PMAC provides a completely integrated service that

• Optimises oil and gas production rates
• Detects erosive material providing early warning of well formation breakdown
• Accurately quantifies solids production during well test, or drilling operations
• Provides on-line data
• Works in oil, water, or gas, and in multiphase flow
• Equipment and services available globally
• Protects topside equipment from erosion


Reservoir damage, pipe work erosion and deposition of solids are all potentially expensive results of sand production from hydrocarbon wells. Using PMAC erosion/sand probes, PMAC Ltd can detect minute quantities of material loss due to the erosive effects of sand production, enabling pro-active management of the system. PMAC’s unique CEION metal loss measurement technology has exceptional resolution and extended sensor life giving high sensitivity to erosion and low cost of ownership. The rate of loss can be used to assess erosion effects or as a component in calculating the volume of solids produced. In the latter case information about the flow must be collected simultaneously.

Visit www.pmacsystems.com for more information.

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